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Boca Raton Maternity Beach Session Tips

Being a Boca Raton maternity photographer is very special to me. I know I can capture a memory that will last a lifetime for my clients.  Boca Raton is a wonderful place for your maternity photo session. The inlet and ocean offer a beautiful landscape for you to have your growing belly photographed. We have some amazing pictures below from one of our favorite beach maternity sessions. Before we show you, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to plan your photo op. Click here for more maternity images; Fine Art Page

Planning your Boca Raton maternity photo session at the beach.

When should you schedule your session?

Usually we recommend doing your photo session around 28-34 weeks. You want to make sure your belly has “popped”.  At the same time, you do not want to feel uncomfortable. If you have been pregnant before, I recommend looking back at your past pictures and picking when you looked and felt the best.

Personally, I have gone in to labor at 35 weeks, so I always take that in to consideration. At the same time, I have gone to 39 weeks and I have done a photo session two days before giving birth.  I was the largest I have been and was really happy to preserve that memory with my large belly. I did two photo sessions that pregnancy. One early, just incase I went into pre-term labor again. In my eyes, no one can have too many photo sessions. Who said you were only allowed one per pregnancy?

Here at Organic Moments Photography we get booked far in advance.  Please, as soon as you decide you would like to work with us, contact us so we can set up your date. To book with your favorite Boca Raton maternity photographer click here:  Contact Us!  Also, if you are due in the summer, we might want to do it before the rainy hot weather comes to South Florida. Boca Raton is a beautiful, but, during July and August, it tends to be very stormy during the later afternoon.

What to wear for you maternity photo session?

Well everyone has a different style and we want your style to shine in your pictures. If you need help with what to wear, do not be afraid to ask us. We love form-fitting long dresses. You want to emphasize that belly, not hide it. Also, I have a place here in Boca Raton we recommend to rent maternity dresses from. They can get pricy,  so why not rent a few and save some money? At the same time feel free to show off the belly. I have photographed women wearing long dresses or going topless during their session. If you do want to go full nude a studio session might be the best fit instead of Boca Raton beach.

How to prep your family.

Show your significant other and children our work, let them know what you have in mind so they can get ready for the session as well. Have your little one try their outfit on a few days before hand. In case they say it’s itchy and hate it, you will know in advance. Perhaps you can even go to the location a few days before hand.

My personal favorite beach location in Boca Raton is South Inlet Park Beach. The address is Boca Raton is 1298 South Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton 33432. Make sure to also call them if you do plan your photo session there or arrange with your Boca Raton photographer to call. You want to have the proper photo permit. The phone number is 561-966-6600

The wind is going to mess with your hair. Embrace it instead of worrying about it looking messy.  We will try to make sure you don’t look like cousin IT from the Adam’s Family but, remember, you are at the beach and there will be wind. Parks are also a great option if this is something that has you worried.

What time of day should you plan your photo shoot?

If you have little ones, we know they like to go to bed early, but lighting is important. Therefore, either plan to have your photo session at sunrise or sunset hours. You can do it during mid day. I am not saying this isn’t possible but, usually there are more people on the beach at that time and you might be very hot in south Florida.

  • Piggybacking off the south Florida heat mentioned above. Make sure you stay hydrated the most important thing is you and your growing baby. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and if you feel like you are overextending yourself, let your photographer know. They don’t want you pass out during your photo session.

Who should come with us to our maternity session?

Have a friend or family member come with you so they can help hold your belongings. Especially if you have a smaller child already. This friend can help hold the child while you and your significant other take some romantic pictures together.

Should I wear Sunblock?

You still might want to put on some sunblock, even if it is sunrise or sunset. We have found that when you’re pregnant, your skin burns faster than ever before

Can I bring props?

Should you bring props to the beach?  I will usually say no. We are going to style your session and have all the details planned, however, if you have your great-grand mother’s handmade blanket, we are not going to tell you no.

Lastly, the real goal here is to make you feel beautiful with your new bundle of joy growing inside of you. We want to tell your story through our camera and make sure to preserve your memories. We want this to be a wonderful experience for you.


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