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South Florida Boudoir Photographer

South Florida Boudoir Photographer Organic Moments Photography

Organic Moments Photography is pleased to share that we will now be offering boudoir photography sessions! Erica, one of the owners at Organic Moments, is the primary boudoir photographer. She enjoys helping women feel confident, beautiful and comfortable with their bodies. Now that we are scheduling boudoir photography sessions, we wanted to share some information! Not everyone knows about this type of imagery, so we created this post to help you learn more about boudoir photography!

What Is a Boudoir Photography Session?

Let’s tackle the first question: what IS a boudoir photography session? “Boudoir” is a French word, directly translated as “bedroom”. But when it comes to photography, boudoir is a style in which women pose in lingerie or partially undressed. Boudoir is always tasteful and artistic. There’s nothing pornographic about a boudoir shoot, but it can be very romantic and sensual. Rather than being shocking or explicit, it is suggestive and sultry. Tasteful nude images have been an art form since art existed and we are so happy to be offering these South Florida boudoir sessions!

Who Should Do a Boudoir Photography Session?

Every woman should consider a boudoir photography session! So often, women get discouraged about their looks. A boudoir photography session is a way to embrace your beauty and to get in touch with the sensual goddess inside. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and we should embrace that beauty and capture it in tastefully seductive photographs.

Why Should You Do a Boudoir Session?

Why should you schedule a boudoir session? Why not?! Sexy is a mindset. Getting your hair and makeup done, putting on some sultry lingerie and donning some gorgeous high heels can make you feel good about yourself. A boudoir session can remind you of how beautiful you really are. No matter your size, no matter your age—women are beautiful and boudoir sessions are a positive, empowering experience. Plus, the images, when arranged in a tasteful photo album make for an excellent gift to a partner. The images also are a beautiful gift to yourself, for self-affirmation. Boudoir sessions are a wonderful way to help you feel desirable and maybe even just a little bit daring. Every woman deserves to feel sexy in her own skin.

When to Do One?

Boudoir sessions can be scheduled for whenever you want! Boudoir photos and photo albums make excellent gifts. Here are some ideas!

  • Boudoir photos make an excellent wedding day gift for your husband to be!
  • Need an exciting idea for a holiday gift? Why not a boudoir photo album? That would give your partner something so unique to unwrap.
  • Looking ahead, boudoir photos are a perfect idea for Valentine’s day!
  • Fight those mid-winter blues with a steamy photo session! When it’s wintertime, it’s easy to forget how sexy we are under long pants and bulky sweatshirts. Schedule a boudoir session to feel sexy at any time of year!

Make sure to contact us to learn more about boudoir sessions and be sure to keep an eye out on our blog for more information about boudoir photography. We look forward to helping you feel beautiful in front of the camera!

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