Erica Hartwig: Surprise Proposal at the Vizcaya Museum

John’s Surprise Proposal at the Vizcaya Museum

There’s nothing quite like shooting a surprise proposal. Waiting for the right moment when everything comes together and capturing a truly special event like a proposal is always exciting! We’ve been doing it for years and we still get butterflies in our stomachs every time. The look of joy on the person’s face, the tears of happiness, the genuine laughter and true love – it’s truly a privilege to be able to capture those private moments for our couples. We’ve photographed a lot of proposals over the years, and John’s was definitely one one of the most special ones. Plus, he chose the Vizcaya Museum for it, which was both picturesque and romantic! 

Vizcaya Museum Proposal Photography

Vizcaya Museum is a hidden gem in Miami. This historic estate was once the winter home of millionaire businessman James Deering. Today, it is a popular tourist destination, and its perfectly-kept gardens and architecture make it popular among photographers. The museum is established on 14 acres of land, making it one of the largest photography sites in the city. The main house was built in 1916 in the Mediterranean Revival style, and it features intricate stonework, Italian-renaissance style gardens, and beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. It is surrounded by smaller buildings, lush gardens, and several fountains and sculptures. 

The Vizcaya Museum has great locations for taking photos and is an ideal setting for couples who want the city’s history to be a part of their portraits. The incredible architecture of the property with its enchanting gardens and other picturesque locations provides a variety of lovely backdrops for couples portraits. So whether you are planning to surprise your significant other with a proposal or want to take some engagement photos together, Vizcaya Museum could be the spot for your photo shoot too.

John’s Surprise Proposal At Vizcaya Museum

John asked us to photograph his proposal at the Vizcaya Museum, and since we were already acquainted with the venue, and what it offers, naturally, we were beyond excited! We know firsthand just how much goes into the planning of a perfect proposal, so to help John with his proposal, we worked closely with him to make sure everything was ready for the big moment. We even arranged for a photo permit for the Vizcaya Museum, so we could capture all the magical moments without any interruptions.

Like every proposal, this was unique and full of love and warmth, and John’s significant other had no clue about what was going to happen next. John got down on one knee to propose, and we caught the look of genuine surprise on his girlfriend’s face. She clearly had no idea about what John had planned. These are the moments we love to capture. No posing, just genuine emotions and reactions. The lighting was ideal and the surroundings made the proposal photography spectacular!

John and his partner were totally in sync with each other, and it made it so much easier to capture their connection in photographs. The candid shots of them laughing and embracing were just priceless. A solid proposal plan, the incomparable setting of the Vizcaya Museum, and his soulmate by his side – John’s proposal had it all, and we truly enjoyed helping him plan and capture all the precious moments. 

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