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We are so excited to announce a new team member over here at Organic Moments Photography. Paulina Splechta will be working in collaboration with Organic Moments. You might have seen her awesome work in the Huffington Post on multiple occasions. ( http://huff.to/1KXv8rjhttp://huff.to/1wuzbaK http://huff.to/1v80Xq8http://huff.to/1s04I2h ) as well as several magazines and motherhood blogs.  See here: ( http://bit.ly/1xKU3tchttp://bit.ly/1vjWfTL , http://bit.ly/1uHkRJy ) .


Organic Moments Photography Maternity Session

Organic Moments Photography Maternity Session

Paulina shoots birth photography, along with pregnancy, family, and breastfeeding.Organic Moments Photography Maternity SessionOrganic Moments Photography Maternity Session

Paulina is a mother of 2, wife, and photographer.  We asked Paulina about her passion for photography and she told us “I adore looking at photos from moments of my life – somehow you can always seem to remember how you felt in that moment, and sometimes looking at old photographs bring back those feelings and even creates new feelings. That’s how I got into photography, I wanted to create art myself through photography. I enjoyed it so much but had no idea that you could actually become passionate with a fiery soul about it until I had my first child. Suddenly, every single moment became gold. Every single fleeting moment. I was viewing my clients, who were mothers, in a completely different light. As sisters, as nurturers, as mama goddesses. I wanted to capture their epic moments, between them and the little lives they brought into this world.” Organic Moments Photography Maternity SessionOrganic Moments Photography Maternity SessionOrganic Moments Photography Maternity Session

We got the chance to have Paulina photograph our new family. My husband and I started fostering our 3 cousins and wanted to add a new family picture to our wall. It was a crazy session, trying to have 6 children all pay attention but, she documented us better then we could have imagined.

Organic Moments Photography Family Session

In return, we got a chance to have Paulina jump in front of our camera. The results are below.

Organic Moments Photography Maternity Session

Paulina also adds “It is the most human part of our lives to bring a child into the world by growing them in our bellies. The moment that first child makes us a mother, our lives are changed forever. I believe in the sacred time during pregnancy when a mama deserves to be worshipped and celebrated. I believe in the personal experience of birthing your baby how you envision makes you feel happy and safe. I am incredibly passionate about breastfeeding and the right for mamas to breastfeed whenever and wherever. I am here to document these profound life-changing experiences that mold you as a mother. An opportunity to have images to cherish, an ability to look back and remember these special, sacred times. These are the moments that we celebrate as some of the greatest, most epic parts of our lives. Allow me to capture your whole family as you greet each new chapter of your lives together.”

We are pleased to be working with Paulina

Organic Moments Photography Maternity Session