Benefits You Will Get From Doing an Engagement Session

Why should you do an engagement session??

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Why should you do an engagement session? Where should you do an engagement session? What benefits will you get from doing an engagement session?

Engagement sessions, in our opinion, are SO important, that we generally include them in our wedding packages.  Heres why.

Why are engagement sessions important?

The engagement session is the perfect time for you to work out your nerves and anxiety about being in front of a camera before your big day. If you are already uncomfortable about being photographed – then you should certainly do an engagement session before your wedding, so those nerves are gone by the time the big day rolls around!

There is more time for creativity at engagement session than on the actual wedding day…because sometimes the wedding day will feel rushed depending on bridal party size and the amount of guest you invited. It’s a great time to do a trial run of your hair and make-up for the wedding day. You will get a chance to see and feel what it’s like to be photographed. It’s also great to use these photos for your save the date or to announce your wedding in the local newspaper.

Engagement sessions are a great time to get to know your photographer better.  It is very important for our team, Erica and I, that our clients are not just “clients” , but rather, friends.  We’ve already emailed back and forth quite a bit, we’ve met for coffee or talked on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit, and now we get to spend an hour or two together to get to know each other even more and become even better friends.

What if I don’t know how to pose?

Engagement sessions are also a great opportunity to practice posing.  Most brides and grooms have no idea how to pose or interact in front of the camera, which is very normal.  An engagement session gives you the chance to see what you are like in front of the camera.  Are you nervous? Do you consider yourself to be goofy? Are you quiet? Is it that you are touchy feely? The engagement session gives your photographer the chance to see how you are in front of the camera and what poses best suit you and your significant other, so that on your wedding day we can make you feel more comfortable and we can get those AMAZING shots that not only you want, but that we want to get as well.  Comfort in front of the camera is one of the biggest factors in getting great shots.

Now the big question where should you do the engagement session? Do it somewhere that means something to you. Where did you go on a first date? Where did he pop the question? What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We have photographed everywhere from your local coffee shop to hiking in the Grand Canyon.  The session below is a perfect example of documenting your engagement session somewhere meaningful.  Erica and Ryan wanted to have their engagement session done where Erica’s parents were married. Benvenuto Restaurant in Boynton Beach.

On top of all the things listed here, and possibly the most important reason to get yours done, engagement sessions are FUN!!!2015-01-14_0002