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6 Native Flowers for Your Florida Wedding

Native Florida flowers for your wedding

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 6 native flowers for your Florida wedding. You can put them in the altar, on tables or in your bouquet. Florida, being the state named after the feast of flowers, has a plethora of choices.  Here are some of our favorites.


Our favorite 6 Native Flowers.

Ponce de Leon never did find that Fountain of Youth back in 1513. Instead, he found a place full of flowers. So that’s what he named it in Spanish — “Florida.” Fast forward a few centuries, and modern-day Florida couples planning a wedding come to the same conclusion as de Leon. This state is full of flowers that are great for a marriage celebration. Here are five native flowers perfect for your Florida wedding.

1. Tickseed


Tickseed, or coreopsis, brings golden cheer to your floral arrangements. This is Florida’s official state wildflower, so it’s a perfect way to incorporate a love of the Sunshine State into your wedding day. Tickseed is also great for couples on a budget. It grows easily in Florida gardens and is perfect for DIY wedding flowers. 

2. Southern Magnolia

Native Florida flowers


The dark green leaves and large white bloom of the southern magnolia make this a perfect stand-alone flower for the bride or bridesmaids. It is native to most of Florida with the exception of the too-tropical Southeast Florida. The lemon citronella scent of this Florida native will stay with your guests long after the wedding is over. Every time they pass a magnolia tree, they’re sure to remember your special day.

3. Canna Lily

Native FL Plants


The canna lily is a showstopper. This flower grows in deep reds and bright yellows. You’ll also find them in pink, white and orange variations, each guaranteed to spice things up at any party. Cannas are available in the spring and summer when they bloom in Florida. Golden canna — the lightly perfumed, yellow-flowered plant also known as the “bandana of the Everglades” — is a native that grows in the wild in Florida, the canna has been widely cultivated in a host of colors.

4. Blazing Star

native FL plants 

This flower is about spikes of lavender, purple or pink — and naturally lends itself to a long and slender pageant-style bouquet. Its shape and color also make it a striking centerpiece flowers at a wedding ceremony or a reception. The blazing star is native to almost all parts of Florida, and it’s a popular wildflower wherever it grows.

5. Beach Dune Sunflower

Native FL plants


A beach wedding calls for a beach dune sunflower. True to its name, the blossom is a cheery yellow favorite that grows wild around Florida beaches. If you ‘re looking for a native flower that says “low key” and “chill” and “beach” — this is it. The beach dune sunflower is smaller than the classic sunflower, but it has the same yellow petals and rich dark chocolate-colored center. It’s a breezy, casual bloom perfect for nosegays or low centerpiece arrangements.

6. Spotted Beebalm

Native FL plants for bouquets


Spotted beebalm will bring a quirky (think Dr. Seuss) or exotic air to your wedding festivities, depending on how it’s styled. This is a fluffy flower that extends from lavender or pink leaves at the base, through white and purple spotted flowers and green leaves at the top. Beebalm is a sturdy flower that will last through the party without wilting. If you have extravagant tastes, the spotted beebalm will speak to you.

Whether you’re making your own flower arrangements or asking your florist to go native, you’ve got plenty of choices to make your wedding very Florida — “full of flowers.”


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Kim Hess is a nature lover and wedding planner who enjoys incorporating a hometown feel in the ceremonies and receptions she designs. She also enjoys tasting food at venues around the country, so she can recommend the best wedding day feasts. (Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!)

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