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Why you should have a Palm Beach Engagement Session

Palm Beach Engagement organic moments photography

Palm Beach Engagement organic moments photography

The COVID-19 lockdown is being lifted up in phases gradually. With this, couples who had put their weddings on hold are rejoicing. Wedding plans are back on track once again, keeping the ‘new normal’ in mind. The wedding industry is hoping to gain pace soon. Couples who earlier postponed their Palm Beach engagement session are eager to get them done. But this is not the case with all. The current world situation has left a lot of couples confused.

Many couples reached out to us at Organic Moments Photography. They wanted to know if an engagement photoshoot is really important. Our answer is — Yes! It is as important now as it was before. No pandemic affects the love between two people. Once this situation is over, life will go back to normal. If you don’t get an engagement photoshoot done, you will miss out on making beautiful memories. You don’t want to lose out on your stunning engagement photos due to a temporary situation.

7 Reasons for a Palm Beach Engagement Photoshoot

There is not one — but MANY reasons why you should do an engagement photo session. Here are a few to consider.

1. Dress Up Again

First of all, you have not been going out much. You haven’t been attending any events and it would be fun to get dressed up. Maybe you haven’t had an excuse to put on makeup in a while. This could be your chance to get all dolled up with the one you love!

2. Celebrate Togetherness

This is the best way to celebrate your togetherness before your wedding day. This will be a way to express your love to your partner. And the best part is that once it’s captured it’ll stay with you forever!

3. Save the Dates

Palm Beach Engagement photos will help you make fabulous ‘Save the Date’ cards. The cards will look personalized and your guests will love them.

4. Get Confident for the Big Day

A Palm Beach engagement photo session will be great for your big day dress rehearsal. This will make you confident. You will learn to pose for the wedding day and become comfortable in front of the camera. This is especially important for couples who are camera shy.

5. Have Fun at Your Palm Beach Engagement

A lot of times, engagement sessions are some of my favorite moments with my clients. There are no guests around and no restrictions. You can let your personality come out. You can act silly. You get to have fun with your significant other.

6. Display at the Wedding

You can display your wonderful Palm Beach engagement photos at your cocktail hour or in a sign-in book. You can display them on-screen at reception. And an engagement photo will look great on the back of your wedding get-away car.

7. Memories to Cherish with a Palm Beach Engagement

We at Organic Moments Photography are a strong believer in documenting your love once a year. As you and your relationship grow, so will your feelings. It is nice to have each year celebrated and photographed. After 20 years, you will look back at these photographs and cherish them.

No Compromises on Health

Organic Moments Photography is doing all its engagement sessions outdoors. We are following all the guidelines issued by the CDC. We will capture the beauty of your love but also keep you safe. In case of any questions, you can contact us here or give us a call on (561) 247-4439. You can read our blog for tips on engagement photo session outfits.

To see an example of our recent work, have a look at the images below. We photographed Staci and Ryan’s Palm Beach engagement session at one of our favorite parks. The location is Riverbend Park in Jupiter of Palm Beach County, Florida.

To see more of our work you can visit our Pinterest page or find us on Facebook or Instagram.


Palm Beach Engagement organic moments photography Palm Beach Engagement organic moments photography Palm Beach Engagement organic moments photography Palm Beach Engagement organic moments photography

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