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Holiday Photo Session Planning | Palm Beach County

Planning your holiday photo sessions? They are right around the corner, here are a few tips on what we think is important.

Find Inspiration

I highly recommend finding inspiration for your shoot from something outside of the photography industry. Whether it be a book, movie, or painting… find something that you can play off of and make your own.

When building a truly magical holiday set, little details matter. Are you re-creating Santa’s workshop? Make sure you try to incorporate authentic looking older pieces of carpentry tools in the frame and “dust” on the floor. The little details added are truly what takes it from something ordinary to extraordinary. To book your next fine art session with Organic Moments click here Organic Moments Fine Art

Building your set

One thing it is SO important to remember is, it just needs to look good in camera! You don’t need to be a professional stylist, seamstress, or set master to create something unique and custom to your brand. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to build a set that matches your artistic vision. Sometimes all you need is some foam board, duct tape, paint, and a bit of creativity!

Plan your styling

What your client wears in a very styled set is just as important as the set itself. If you are incorporating snow or a snowy environment, make sure they are dressed to match. Little details matter here too! You could even consider offering styling services just to ensure the best result for your client.

Model Call

I cant stress enough how important it is to get the right model for your set. Your promo image is what’s going to draw your client in and entice them to book. Picking the right person could also mean exposing your images to a wider range of clients, and in return gain you more bookings!

Promo Shoot

Make sure you always shoot your own promo images! Even if it means renting the studio space you plan on using , paying Santa to come out for just 30 min, or investing in supplying wardrobe to your models… it always pays to put your very best foot forward for your promo shoot.

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