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Bahamas Destination Wedding photographer

Bahamas Destination Wedding Photographer Organic Moments Photography

As wedding photographers living in South Florida, our neighbors are the Bahamas. It is a two-hour ferry ride to Bimini. That is closer than driving to Disney for us! Watching the Bahamas destroyed by Hurricane Dorian was, and is heart-wrenching. We cannot imagine what the people of the Bahamas are feeling today. The videos, pictures, and stories coming out are sobering. The sheer magnitude of wide-swept devastation is horrifying. Seeing this tropical paradise destroyed by this unimaginably strong storm has been heart-breaking. Our hearts ache for the wonderful people of the Bahamas.

Right now, aside from donating, there is not much we can personally do. When something like this happens, you reflect on the good times you had in this country. This year, we went with one of our favorite teams to the Bahamas to photograph a destination wedding. To honor this magnificent island in better times, we wanted to share some of the beautiful moments we photographed at this wedding when we spent there in January.

Ishmael and Vincia’s Bahamas Destination Wedding

Ishmael and Vincia chose to get married in Bimini because it was such a convenient location for their families and friends to meet and celebrate their wedding all weekend long. Their Bahamas destination wedding was beautiful, fun and feverish. They both had the flu! But this bride and groom were such troopers. They pushed through the sickness and still had a wonderful time. You would never know how sick they felt in seeing their wedding photos!

For Ishmael and Vincia’s destination wedding in the Bahamas, their primary goal was to have an amazing time. This happy couple generally has a blast together, and they wanted to share that with their families who were effectively all meeting for the first time on their wedding weekend. Their wedding was light, fun and classic, and everyone really had a wonderful time celebrating their love.

The bride and groom were married on January 19th, which was just a perfect date. Early in the year, but just far enough away from the holidays. Plus, it was a three-day weekend so guests could have time to travel (and recover) after celebrating with the bride and groom. This destination wedding was so romantic, especially during the bride and groom’s first dance! Vincia and Ishmael spent countless hours learning the rumba to dazzle their guests with their first dance. It was amazing! You’d never know how nervous Vincia was!

Destination Wedding Advice from Real Couples

We asked Vincia and Ishmael what advice they would share to other couples planning a destination wedding and this is what they shared:

“Try to have as much fun during the planning process as possible, hire a wedding planner (Events By Jess) and try not to get stressed planning your happy day. According to all the wedding timelines, we did not do anything on time and some things we didn’t bother with at all and still, all 80 of our guests made their way from four different countries to the tiny island of Bimini, Bahamas and we all had a blast.”

We loved working with Ishmael and Vincia, but it also turned out that we were the wedding photographers for their wedding planner, Jess! It was so wonderful to be able to work with all of them at this beautiful Bahamas wedding. Our mission is to always capture as many memorable moments of a wedding day as possible. These memories, these photographs are all the more precious now, in the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian.

We know that the great people of the Bahamas will rebuild, but for today, let’s remember the lush, exquisite beauty the island provided for Ishmael and Vincia’s beautiful Bahamas Destination wedding.


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Featured Destination Wedding Vendors

Dress: J. Andrews Bridal

Wedding Planner: Events by Jess

Venue: Resorts World Bimini

Florals: The Perfect Party Planner

Tuxedo: Brian Alexander Bespoke

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