Angela & Dave's Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa Wedding

Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa Wedding | Angela & Dave

‘The kiss that nearly killed her.’ Doesn’t this sound like an intriguing title of a romance novel with an air of mystery? Just this one phrase is enough to spark curiosity and the urge to know the story behind that epic kiss and what followed afterward. Now, if you’re wondering why we are talking about a certain kiss and a book title out of the blue, let’s tell you it’s because this is how our couple Angela and Dave like to look back at their first meeting. And if there ever had to be a joint autobiography for this couple, Angela and Dave say this would be the one! Want to know more about the journey of this endearing couple and how they hit it off? We’ll tell you all about it here and even give you a glimpse of their wedding story that culiminated at the Marriott Beach Resort & Spa. Read through!

So, Angela and Dave got married at this mesmerizing beach venue, the Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa, and we were honored to be their photographers. Aware of our couple’s chilled-out and super fun attitude, we just knew we would have a great time and get stunning wedding pictures. And that’s exactly what we got! Creating those dreamy and romantic photos against the gorgeous backdrops at Marriott Singer was a delight. And Angela and Dave made sure we had the most amazing time while photographing their wedding. A lovely mix of work and pleasure, we’d say!

Angela And Dave’s Story

Like we do for all our other couples, we asked these two about their story before photographing them on their special day. It is something we do to learn more about the personalities of our couples, get a sense of their bond, and understand their wedding photography vision. To our delight, this zesty couple opened up to us, and how! And we’re super excited about sharing their story with our readers. Romantic, funny, amusing, thrilling, and (we have to admit) even panic-inducing at one point – Angela and Dave’s story has all the elements of a Hollywood romcom potboiler. So, grab your seats and popcorn tubs as we take you through the love story of these two cool cats.


How The Two Met

Angela and Dave had met online at Plenty of Fish. Dave reached out to Angela, and she responded with “best profile I ever read.” He made her laugh. They texted for a while and decided to meet. It was January 17, 2013 – a cold day in New York City – when they met near the clock at Grand Central Terminal. They walked and talked for hours, stopping for drinks and nibbles here and there. At one point, Dave thought he’d wow Angela with his knowledge of dogs. It was clear she was a big dog person and told him of her Shih Tzu, Chloe. He pointed out that the Shih Tzu is bred to be an alarm dog in Tibet. It would bark and wake up the larger dogs to alert them of an intruder. That, of course, was completely incorrect. He was thinking of a Lhasa Apso. Angela was nice about it. But her eyes told him that he was full of sh*t. (No judgments here, as that’s what our couple told us! Although we have to say that at this point, we’ve already fallen in love with this cutesy start to Angela and Dave’s forever.)

After this amusing exchange, these two had a delicious Thai meal at Lantern in Manhattan, and Dave tried seitan for the first time and enjoyed it. Though, in fairness, he ate it right off Angela’s plate without even asking her. The look of shock on her face was priceless. He’s from a big family, and you eat quickly lest you risk your food being taken (Dave’s words, again!). It was a quick introduction to Dave’s style of sharing. Whether you like it or not, your food is our food. Well, what can we say? We are all for people who take their food seriously and bond over it! Because we genuinely believe that good food is the foundation of happy times!


Smoke And Fire

To end their night in style, Angela and Dave hopped to a hookah lounge called Karisma on Second Avenue and 50th Street. They ordered a plate of small apps and a hookah and talked and laughed some more. Finally, there was a moment. You know, those moments that are perfect? Yeah, one of those! They looked at each other and slowly leaned in for the most perfect, gentle, and subtle kiss. It only lasted a few seconds. When they pulled apart, Angela’s eyes were still closed. Looking at her, Dave watched as her entire body collapsed toward the hot ashes of the hookah. He caught her right before she burned her face.

Several moments passed, with Angela feeling lifeless in his arms. He did not know what to do. They had only just met. And this whole scene got Dave into thinking if Angela had a medical condition that he wasn’t aware of. They’d been eating and drinking for hours. Neither of them was of the soundest of minds; that’s what he felt. But finally, Angela opened her eyes, and he gave her a glass of water. She didn’t know what had happened. She said it must have been the smoke. But Dave knew – it was the kiss!


Beso Power?

He later confided to Angela that his mind was actually torn between concern for her health and the pride he felt about his beso power and the effect he seemingly had on Angela. He wasn’t sure if he should call an ambulance or dial his friends to brag about his prowess? (Dave, we totally understand the genuine struggle and the tough spot you must have been in. No, no… we aren’t laughing at all!) So, he did not have an answer, though he is obviously grateful that Angela lived, so he could tell the tale without feeling like a complete a***ole (our groom’s opinion)!

Angela and Dave, we think that’s one of the most dramatic, fascinating, and romantic love stories we’ve heard in a long, long time, and we can say that you two were just meant to be together. You guys literally sealed the deal with a kiss!

Marriott Singer Island Resort Wedding Photography

After getting to know the dramatic story that brought these two together, we were sure of one thing – that their wedding day was going to be a whole lot of FUN. And that’s what we had! There wasn’t a single dull moment at this wedding, and we enjoyed to the hilt. From photographing the details and capturing the sublime ceremony site in all its glory to taking photos of the guests and the furry friend who graced the wedding, we had one action-packed ride. We loved how the groom decided to dress up in white and blue to blend with the natural shades of the sand, sea, and sky. Everything else at this wedding was also designed and arranged according to the wedding theme, and we’re glad that we could highlight it all so beautifully in the photos we created for this gorgeous couple.

One thing that easily made its way to our list of favorites from this wedding was the bridal procession music written by Dave. It was lovely, to say the least, and set the right mood for the celebration. The greenery and serene surroundings and the top-notch amenities that the Marriott Singer provided us with made the celebration even more memorable than it already was. It would be safe to say that Angela and Dave’s wedding venue offered its guests a mix of nature’s paradise and creature comforts. For us, it was a wonderful day spent with some of the warmest and most welcoming people at the dreamy Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa.

Organic Moments Photography For Moments That Matter

Angela and Dave, you two are rockstars, and we loved capturing your wedding moments into forever photos. Everything on your special day, from your attire and wedding decor to the venue and all the other arrangements, was outstanding. Your guests were such a friendly bunch, and spending time with them was a pleasure. Thank you for trusting us with your wedding photography, and we wish you both a lot of happiness and fun together. Also, we want to say if you’re going ahead with the joint autobiography, we’ll definitely grab a copy! And we are happy to have played our little part in your love story! All the best to you two for everything that you do.

To all of our wonderful readers here – if you are also planning to get married at the Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa, we absolutely recommend it! And if you’re looking for a photography experience similar to Angela and Dave’s, we’re here for you. We’ll help you create more beautiful memories and stunning wedding images. To book us, you can contact us here or call us at (561) 247 4439. For other queries, you can drop us an email. To get updates and see more of our work, you can follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Featured Florida Wedding Vendors

  1. Hairstylist: Asteria Beauty Studios
  2. Makeup Artist: Nicole Gibon, Asteria Beauty Studio
  3. Band/DJ: DJ Carsonicboom
  4. Dress Designer: Sophia Tolli
  5. Florist: Events by Robyn Von
  6. Event Planner: Events by Robyn Von, (561) 856.9912
  7. Caterer: Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa
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