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Fallon & Tripp’s Tideline Ocean Resort Wedding

A made-for-each-other couple, a marriage that was 18 years in the making, a bunch of fun and cordial people, and an absolutely remarkable venue – these are some of the things we got for Fallon and Tripp’s wedding in Palm Beach. It was a gorgeous celebration of love and union at the Tideline Ocean Resort, and gosh! What a wonderful day it turned out to be. From the oceanfront views and top-notch luxury to all the florals and decor, everything at this wedding exuded style and elegance. And the stellar backdrops we had at our disposal – both outdoors and indoors – made our work so much more exciting and effortless. Everything was just perfect, and we’re happy to see how it all translated so beautifully into photos.

Fallon & Tripp’s Story

Before we arrived at the wedding venue to create the pictures that our couple can cherish forever, we asked them about their story to connect with them and learn more about their personalities. Doing so always helps us highlight our couple’s unique relationship in images and bring their photography vision alive. We’re glad that Fallon and Tripp took time out to tell us about their beautiful story, and honestly, it’s so sweet that we thought of giving you a glimpse of how these two ended up being together.

Our couple’s story began in 7th grade when they first met in English class. He was shy, and she was… let’s just say – not shy. He noticed her immediately and said that it was love at first sight. However, our pretty bride begs to differ! Fallon insists there is no way that could be possible because (in her words), “She had braces, acne, and dressed like a female Bam Margera.”

In their senior year of high school, they reunited and became very close when they both worked as clinic aides during the first period. Tripp says that’s when he fell in love (again). This time, Fallon fell in love too but was way too stubborn to admit it because she thought it was too cliche to fall for the boy you’ve known since middle school. Oh! Fallon, we totally get you! The struggle of the teenage mind is real!

Love Rekindled!

It so happened that our couple had attended their senior prom together and parted ways later to attend different colleges. She attended UNF in Jacksonville, FL, while he attended UCF in Orlando, FL. They visited each other often but also spent separate time enjoying being college kids. When they were both 21, they reconnected. But this time, it was different!

Fallon had just gotten out of a terrible and long relationship, and Tripp was actually ready to settle down with someone. It was finally the right time for them to be together! Six months later, they were officially a couple, and their relationship began on 01/27/13.

Who Popped The Question?

Fallon and Tripp spent 1.5 years living apart while she finished her degree in Jacksonville, and then finally, they joined each other again and moved to South Florida. After settling in West Palm Beach, FL, they continued to date for many years and even added a fur baby to the pack when they brought home an adorable Frenchie named Clemson.

Life was great for them after that, and the only thing missing was a RING! After almost eight years of dating, Tripp finally popped the question and asked Fallon to marry him in front of their closest friends and family members on the rooftop of the Ben Hotel. She said YES… (of course) and then was so overwhelmed with happiness that she forgot to actually put the ring on. Woah! Fallon and Tripp, we can just imagine that excitement, joy, surprise, and love both of you must have experienced at that moment. We have to say, it’s so dreamy and doesn’t sound anything less than a profoundly intimate and warm proposal scene from a Hollywood flick.

Tideline Ocean Resort Wedding Photography

Just like our couple’s love story, their wedding was beautiful! There was so much fun, laughter, dance, and party, along with some heartwarming moments that we absolutely enjoyed documenting in pictures. From taking pictures of the bridal party to creating romantic couples photos at the exquisite Tideline Ocean Resort, it was all a pleasure. It was a truly beautiful oceanside wedding ceremony in a stylish, contemporary setting.

The first look was so emotional, and the groom had the best reaction ever! We just loved it and felt so honored as our lovely couple included us in their intimate and special moments. It rained during the ceremony, but Fallon and Tripp were a sport and went with it. The guests were so cool too, and cheered our couple on their big day even if it meant a little bit of soaking in the rain. It was so lovely to see the love and support that our couple got from their closest peeps and how all of this made their day even more memorable. And yes, the cutesy doggo was a treat to photograph too! 

Capture Your Love Into Forever Photos With Organic Moments Photography

Fallon and Tripp, we love you loads and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your big day. There wasn’t a single dull moment throughout your wedding, and your beaming smiles added so much warmth to the celebration. Everything was planned and executed so flawlessly, and especially the wedding venue was amazing! Fallon and Tripp, we thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. Keep rocking, you guys!

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Featured Wedding Vendors

  1. Wedding Planner: Just Glam Events
  2. Hairstylist: Carol (Contracted by @DGPromuah)
  3. Makeup Artist: Natalie (Contracted by @DGPromuah)
  4. Videographer: Organic Moments Photography
  5. Band/DJ: Sound Event DJs, @soundeventdjs 
  6. Dress Designer: @Mikaellabridal (Ceremony Dress)
  7. Reception Dress: @David’s Bridal
  8. Florist: Daniel Events, @Daniel Events
  9. Caterer: Tideline Ocean Resort & Spa
  10. Executive Chef: Gary Mawu
  11. Wedding Rings: Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry, @JackSuttonfinejewlery
  12. Bride’s Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, @Stuartweitzman
  13. Smile: Ritter+Ramsey, @ritterandramsey
  14. Tan: Toast Tanning Spa, @toasttanningspa

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